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Plastic Surgeries.

Your Health is Our Goal

Dar Al Kamal Hospital offers wide range of plastic surgeries

by highly advanced techniques, experienced surgeons and medical professionals.

We give a priority for enhancement of natural beauty and giving the best person’s appearance through rejuvenation, beautification and even correction for young people.

Our plastic surgeries include also repairing parts of the body that affected by defects with born, defects that have developed because of disease and caused by an injury such as cleft lip, palate repair and breast reconstruction all these kinds of surgeries are called reconstructive surgeries

As we confined that your beauty is our responsibility, we offer a wide range of surgeries including eyes, face, body, breast, nose and for men.


Upper Eyelid surgery – Lower Eyelid surgery – Blepharoplasty


Septoplasty – Rhinoplasty


Rhytidectomy – Lower Rhytidectomy – Lipofilling – Removal Fat near the lips – Otoplasty – Nose surgery


Breast Augmentation – Breast Reduction – Mastopexy – Breast Implant


Gynecomastia – Sculpting the male jawline – Hair Transplant


Liposuction – Body Lift – Brachioplasty – Body Modelling – Abdominoplasty – Knee Rejuvenation – Body Sculpting