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We aim to offer the highest standard of surgical care using laparoscopic techniques. This helps to reduce hospital stay and perform major surgeries through our day surgery unit. Our General Surgery facilities feature cutting-edge equipment enabling our expert surgeons to implement the latest techniques and meet the highest standards of patient care. This will include abdominal surgery, hernia repair, gallbladder, and breast surgery to mention a few. The team will also cover the emergency room for all surgical emergencies.

The main mission of our General Surgery Department is to provide the services professionally and sustainably through qualified healthcare professionals. Our high-end setup and advanced technologies ensure a smooth surgical journey for you and your family starting with the first consultation, through the pre-op process to conduct well-timed surgeries, followed by eventless recovery and follow-up.

Why Choose This Service

Our healthcare experts adapt to the unique needs and preferences of each clinical condition and circumstances with the best global practices in hospital medical care as The care of our patients and the improved surgical outcomes continues to be our main focus.

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