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The Department of Anaesthesia is the most important one at Dar Al Kamal Hospital as it is responsible for the safety of all procedures that are done in the operation theatre. so, we offer a wide range of highly experienced team including specialist anesthesiologists and technicians who are supervised by a professional anesthesiologist consultant.
In Dar Al Kamal Hospital, we provide pre-operative assessment, anaesthesia, post-operative and perioperative medical care to minimize the risk of complications and ensure the best possible surgical outcome.
Job description of the Anaesthesia Department:
  • Preoperative assessment of all patients before surgical intervention.
  • Administration of anesthesia.
  • Monitoring of patient during anesthesia.
  • Pain management of patients during and after anesthesia.
  • Post operative care of patients in post anesthesia care unites.
  • Management of ICU patients.
  • Pain management preoperative, intraoperative and post operative.
  • Assessment of patients in pain clinic.
We are proud of highly trained anesthesia team dealing with all complication of anesthesia preoperative, intraoperative and post operative.

Dr. Emad Jarad


Dr. Eslam Abdel Jaleel

Anesethia Specialist

Dr. Hesham Mohamed

Anesthesia Consultant

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