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DAKH Sharjah is equipped by professional team and technology including general dentists, Maxillofacial surgeon and well-trained nurses with the high-quality materials to ensure that patients get the best services.

Our dental clinic’s environment supports for adults as well as children, we are proud to offer all dental procedures for all ages, including:

– General dentistry including cosmetic dental fillings, scaling and polishing, preventive fluoride application and dental extractions.

– Dental implants

– (Clear Aligners).

– Zoom Dental whitening

– Root canal treatments

– Hollywood smile (veneers).

– Fixed and removable dental prosthesis. Including Crowns, Bridges, ceramic partial coverage restorations, partial and complete dentures.

– Oral pathology treatment like cyst and tumors

We always care about reducing the feeling of pain and stress associated with dental treatments with using the laughing gas (nitrous oxide with oxygen) which is safe for children and help to create a feeling of comfort and joy.

It can be used for people who suffer from fear of the anesthesia needle in some cases or blood.

The main causes of dental problems:

Dry mouth: Due to the lack of saliva which causes plaque forms on the teeth.

Cavities: There are many causes of cavities such as bacteria in the mouth, sipping surgery drinks and not cleaning the teeth well. Cavities have non noticeable signs so; it gives a chance to develop toothache

Smoking: there are many problems associated with smoke tobacco including gum problems, losing teeth, decay on the roots of teeth and complications after tooth removal and oral surgery.

Diabetes: affects the body’s ability to fight bacteria so, it can lead to an infection of the gum and bone which can cause pain, bad breath and tooth loss.

Bruxism:  An excessive teeth or jaw grinding and can have serious consequences for the dental health.

Abscessed tooth: ian infection within the tooth. Symptoms may include an intense pain in the affected tooth or gum that may come on suddenly and get gradually worse.

Alcohol: the sugar in alcohol will feed the bacteria, and the acidity in alcohol can make the teeth and gums more sensitive during a tooth infection.

Dr. Abdul Karim


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