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Dar Al Kamal Hospital provides a comprehensive latest technology of imaging modalities at the Radiology department. Also, we provide a team of highly qualified radiologists and technologists who are able to do various procedures by using a variety of techniques Our team at the radiology department uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure accurate and precise results. our producers also include X-rays, CT scans We also use a variety of techniques, including angiography, and biopsy to diagnose and treat the conditions without surgery. Our services include:
  • Neck imaging
  • Abdomen imaging
  • Abdominal USG
  • Retroperitoneal imaging
  • Pregnancy imaging
  • Growth USG
  • Anomaly USG
  • NT Scan USG
  • Pregnancy limited USG
  • Imaging of the uterus and appendages in females
  • Re-evaluation of organ/system
  • Pelvic (TVS) USG
  • Pelvic (TAS) USG
  • Breast USG
  • Knee joint USG
  • Ankle joint USG
  • Scrotum Doppler USG
  • Lower Extremities Doppler USG
  • Carotid Vascular Doppler USG
  • CT scan Plain and with contrast.

Dr. Dunia Kadhum

Radiology Specialist

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