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Your Health is Our Goal

Dar Al Kamal Hospital focuses on protective elements as we use the best-branded items in our clinic. Also, our outpatient pharmacy provides customers with high-quality and variety of skin & hair care products with unique offers.

Also, provides special care of rejuvenation techniques and equipment that are approved by the FDA.

We are equipped with a highly trained team including experienced consultants, well-known specialists, derma therapists, and technicians to present the best quality surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic services for skin, hair, and nails.

  • Protective products & Rejuvenation for skin

We give a priority for the quality of the skin products and techniques that improve skin health, protect from wrinkles, and delay aging signs rather than prices to ensure that the customers get the best services.

Otherwise, we introduce special offers to celebrate together with the different occasions. Our services for skin include HydraFacial, Brightening facial, Mesotherapy, PRP, Derma pen, Facial gold stamp, organic peeling, filler &

Botox and Tattoo removal.

  • Hair transplant

A hair transplant is a good option who can afford the high cost of the procedure and haven’t found success from treatments like minoxidil and Rogaine.

Dar Al Kamal Hospital provides customers with highly experienced specialists and the most popular technique for hair transplant Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is considered safe with minor possible side effects.

  • Hair removal

We are using the latest technology for hair removal (Deka laser machine) which is the fastest, safest with less pain, and more effective.