Dr. Amer Abdul

General Surgery Specialist

Your Health is Our Goal

Area of interest:

Teaching activities- Clinical sessions to the 4th,5th &6th year students of the medical college during the final two years of the post – graduate program in the medical city teaching hospital in Baghdad. About Conferences – I participated in many conferences, locally held & international ones during my career.

Nationality: Iraqi


  • June2021-2023

Specialist General Surgeon at Medcare , Burjeel Hospital and Al Madar Medical Center .

  • June 2019-June2021

Specialist General Surgeon at Emirates International Medical Center (Sharjah)

Part-Time at Burjeel and Oriana Hospitals.

  • June2010- April 2017

Specialist General & Laparoscopic Surgeon (Medcare Hospital Sharjah)

  • February2009-June 2010

Specialist General & Laparoscopic Surgeon (EL Beih Medical Center & Afif Medical center Sharjah)

  • January 2003-February2009

Head of Surgical department ( Zulekha Hospital Sharjah)

  • Jnauary2002-June2002

Specialist General Surgeon ( Hamad Medical Hospital Qatar)


  • B.Ch.B. July5,1984 (Baghdad Medical College, Iraq)
  • A.B.S. (Candidate/Colleague of the Arab Board for Medical Specialization in General Surgery) December 2,1997 – Baghdad Medical Teaching Hospital.
  • I.C.S. November11,2011 Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery,Gurgaon,India